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Monday, November 13, 2006

When your purpose in my life no longer exists...

I wonder how many folks have "people" in their lives just to say they know people? For me everyone that I deal with, and when I say deal with I mean they really in my life, are in my life for different reasons. They all bring something different to my life. That's why I have a very small group of people I deal with. When it becomes evident that they are just taking up space and bringing negative energy, I need to steer clear.

I say this because I have a cousin who has a close friend. They have been friends for years! They have been there for each other through alot of hard times. Today she tells me that she found out that this friend was running around telling all of her business to her co-workers. She is so upset and she don't understand why. I asked, are you upset with each other (not that this would make it okay) and she replied, no.

So, I say well what are you going to do? She says, nothing I just won't share any of my personal information with her anymore so she won't have anything to tell. She dont' want to say anything about it to her because it will start a big mess.

Now she plans to continue to hang out with this woman. I am sorry but I can't do that. You have betrayed my trust in you and you have now changed the dynamics of our relationship. I gotta back off of you!

What would you do?


Anonymous said...

I would not share personal information with them any longer and I would keep them at a distance!

Mr.Slish said...

I wouldn't stop talking to her..Whenever you tell someone your business you take that risk. Thats why when I do something really bad I don't even tell myself

Newy said...

I would have to feed that person with a long handled spoon...and let the friendship die a slow natural death LOL

Drea said...

@ Anonymous...I would do the same thing, AFTER I let them know that I know what they did!

@ Mr. are crazy, lol.

@ Newy...let the friendship die a slow natural death..I like that idea

Shai said...

I know someone who is stuck in the middle of 2 of her friends that don't get along. Yet, these two tell her all their business and she shares it with each of them. That is crazy. People, whew!