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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

How Come?

Okay, so I told you guys (even though no one was listening) that I was moving to a new cube. One with a window. Well, I love my new view but there are always some concerns. Let's share, shall we?


How come:


*The person who sits directly across from me is NEVER here? Like never. I think that might be a good thing so let me shut up.


*The people up here are mostly nurses and doctors and they are all walking around hacking and sneezing? Can't they just subscribe something for themselves or each other or something?


*The person who sits in front of me is never around when his boss comes looking for him? I wonder what kind of schedule he has? He and I both sit away from our group. Not sure how that is going to work out for him.


*There is a mouse trap beside my desk? Is my cube the mouse cube? They just don't realize that it will not go down well if I ever come in and the mouse is on the trap.


*Every morning when I come in I remember to go to the third floor but forget which row my cube is in? I mean, I know which row it is but I keep walking past it.


*I know this list is going to grow by the day. This is my third day up here and....well, we will see.

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