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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I'm looking for a new love baby...

It seems that everytime things are going well, something has to happen to make you wonder why you stay? Comcast and I are about to go at it once again. I have several boxes that I PAY for service. One of the boxes, an HD box just stopped working. It would not come on. It has no power button on the console, it works solely by the remote. I unplugged it and plugged it back in. The lights ran across the console and then went back out. I called Comcast and they attempted to send a signal. Again, the lights went across the console and it went back out.


I was given three options: 1. Drive the box all the way to White Marsh and get a new one. (There seems to be no office anywhere near me -strange) 2. Have them mail a new box to me - but I would still have to get the old one out to them in White Marsh so this is really no option. 3. Have a technician come out and repair or replace the equipment.


Mind you, the customer service rep encouraged me to choose option 3 as it was the quickest option. Okay, we choose door #3. This box was not operational for about 3 days while I waited.


The guy comes out on Tuesday, he tries to turn the box on with the remote. Nothing. He checks the connections, and then tries with another remote. It works with the other remote. So, he changes the batteries to the faulty remote to see if that is the problem. Nope, the remote still does not work with new batteries. So, he determines that the remote is not functioning properly and the box WORKS SOLELY WITH THE REMOTE. THERE IS NO POWER BUTTON ON THE HD BOX TO TURN IT ON WITHOUT THE REMOTE. Okay, so the technician gives me a new remote and trashes the other one. He trashed it.


I decide a week later to check online for my bill so I can pay it. WTH!? Why is my bill over $200??? What did I order? I check the details of the bill and COMCAST HAS CHARGED ME $40 for coming out to FIX THEIR DAMN BROKEN EQUIPMENT!!!!!!!! Are you serious? Is this for real? So, I pay to have service which means I pay for ALL of the boxes to work. You mean to tell me, if for some reason any of your equipment fails to operate, the boxes, the router, the modem, the remotes - you are going to charge me $40 to come and fix it? This was not a change the battery situation! This was a throw the faulty remote in the trash and give her a new one situation.


I am sorry COMCAST but I am not paying you $40 for bringing me a new remote because yours did not work! I am not.


I am currently researching new options because I cannot deal with their craziness any longer. I really need a new love, now, now, now.

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Pserendipity said...

I hate Comcast. Our on demand works maybe 3 days a MONTH.