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Thursday, May 17, 2012

One mo gin

If Comcast raises my bill one mo gin, I am going to be watching nothing but Redbox! Seriously. Last month I noticed my bill had increased by $15 and then this month by another $18. Who do they think they are playing with? I call and they tell me oh last month your promotion ended on your package and then they tell me this month my promotion ended for the DVR. Funny, I get a letter in the mail saying that they should have been charging me for the DVR and they wasn't but (since I am a sucker valued customer) they are not going to charge me for those months. Instead they are going to rob me for the coming months and oh yeah, here are 2 coupons for free on demand movies. FIOS, where are you?


pserendipity said...

Direct TV did me like that, and I got so mad I called them and told them to turn it off. I was HOT.

Then, one day I came home and it was off. I was lookin' like the smiley face. (And Aidan went into a blind rage)

ComcastCares1 said...

Hi there!

I work for Comcast and I'd like to make sure that your bill is accurate. Please feel free to contact me. If you decide to contact me, please include your info and a link to this page as a point of reference.

Drea said...

Psonya, I hate Direct TV even more. I really want to try FIOS but it isn't available where I am. It may not be better but I can at least compare the 3. I am so sick of feeling ripped off. No warning. I hadn't even had the DVR for a year before the promotion expired.

Comcast Care1, I called again and they offered me a new promotion that is supposed to be good for a year. I did have to call back because I didn't get the credit for the coupon (shocking). Oh well.