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What can I say. I sing with a band, mostly R&B, Pop, etc. I am an avid book reader, mostly fictional (gotta get away sometimes). I am a mother of two and believe it or not a "grandmother". I am still rolling my eyes at my son for that one. I am a very straight-forward person. I am no sugar-coater so if you don't want to hear what I really think, please don't ask me!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Belated Valentine's Day and other stuff

Hey All, I am trying not to let too much time pass between posting. Anyhow, I have been pretty busy. My dad passed after a long fight with kidney failure and dialysis. There is a long story behind my relationship or lack thereof with him but we won't get into that (maybe another post). Anyhow, it has been very interesting watching how folk act when people pass. You learn alot about people you can count on and those you cannot. My daughter and I have had yet another one or our teenager issues. You know, where the teenager forgets that she is still a child and you are the parent that not only gave her life but made sure it was abundant. Yeah...well the sheriff (that's me) done laid down some rules in writing to be followed until she leaves for college. Some of which will be extended to her college years, too. That's if she wants me to pay her tuition. I have been applying for jobs left and right. I need a change. I thank God everyday that I have a job but I also pray for something more fulfilling. It's coming.... I celebrated Valentine's day this year. I know that sounds like nothing to report but this may be the first Valentine's Day in years that I was excited about and really looked forward to and it was e.v.e.r.y single thing I thought it would be and more. Thanks Babe! So, my daughter brought home a bunch of papers from school detailing al that is going to happen between now and graduation. Wow, it's alot. I will have to out all of this on my phone calendar to keep up. It's exciting to me, her meh. Teenagers!

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