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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Losing Faith...for a minute

So yesterday was NOT a good day for me. I heard back from a job I applied for. they decided not to interview me. It seems the list of people they had to choose from was quite competitive and I did not rise to the top of that list. This is the 3rd time I was qualified for a position in the last 6 months and referred for an interview that never happened. While I am grateful for a job at all I am so so so so sick of this group and this work. I keep praying for something more fulfilling and more in line with my skills. So far I got nothing, so I wait.


On another note, I had been asking for over a year for a cubicle with a window. We have lots of people retiring and people being moved around. You would think 22 years in service and I could at least get a window when one of those folks leave, right? Well, new people came in. I am talking people from off of the streets, not transferring from another group within and they are getting window seats. Really? Anyway, my director calls me Monday morning and it seems we have a new person that started on Monday and guess what? She has a cube with a window. Now, y'all know this was not going to go well. But, he must have known the kind of look he was going to get from me because he offered me her cube and she could take mine. Perfect idea, right? So, I go into full on coordination mode and start making the necessary calls to get my stuff moved. Well, apparently there is a person whose job is to arrange moves but I did not know that. She gets wind of this and asks me to cancel all of my arrangements because she is supposed to do it and it will take a couple of weeks. Mind you, they were all set to do this thing for me in 2 days. What the hell does she need 2 weeks for? So, that has been put off and who knows if she will actually do it in 2 weeks. Sigh.


So, my day was not great at all. I had a moment where I was all in my feelings about constantly having doors close in my face. No to this, wait for that. I had a talk with my God and I told Him I am grateful, I really am. But you know the desires of my heart. I am not asking for a handout. I am willing to work hard. I just want it to be something I enjoy doing. That isn't a bad thing to ask for is it?


In the meantime, I am still crossing my fingers and praying about this music opportunity.


He is going to do something special for me. I just have to keep the faith and pray for MORE patience while I grow wearier in the wait.

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