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What can I say. I sing with a band, mostly R&B, Pop, etc. I am an avid book reader, mostly fictional (gotta get away sometimes). I am a mother of two and believe it or not a "grandmother". I am still rolling my eyes at my son for that one. I am a very straight-forward person. I am no sugar-coater so if you don't want to hear what I really think, please don't ask me!

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Secret Santa

This is my first year participating in the 3rd Annual Christmas in Blogland with Psonya and others. I am excited. I have been reading Psonya's blog for a while and finally decided to "play".


Since not many read my blog- okay, nobody reads my blog which means they probably know nothing about me-I am going to help my secret santa out with some things about me. Or you can read my posts from a while ago, that nobody read (11 things about me and 11 more things about me).


I love reading books and I am a book club member so I purchase alot of ebooks from Barnes and Noble.


I sing with a band and we do cover songs so I am always downloading music from iTunes.


I am a shoe addict and most of the time they come from DSW. I also love colorful socks and the fluffy ones, too :).


I am a gardener and I love both indoor and outdoor plants so I frequent Home Depot and Lowe's nursery looking for something pretty and low maintenance.


I have gotten into Sally Hansen gel nail polishes (the one with the strips). It is economical, they last for about 7 days and I don't mess up my polish before it dries because it goes on dry - awesome!


Hmmm, I am trying to offer a bunch of things to choose from or at least some ideas so that my Secret Santa can be as creative as she wants to be.


I love taking photos of my family at different events and I have recently began to store them all on sd cards for safe keeping.


Oh yeah, if my Secret Santa is feeling extra generous, I collect Lladro Legacy figurines and Swarovski butterflies. Okay, just kidding on that one. Well, I think that is all I can come up with. Happy Shopping!!!

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